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Alphatex Consulting, LLC is a full service Information Systems consulting firm and has been providing it's clients with the best IT consulting services since 1987.

We have over 20 years experience developing custom database solutions for LAN/WAN and internet environments including:  ecommerce, web sites, cloud computing ...



Company Summary -  Alphatex, Inc.
Alphatex Consulting, LLC is a full service information consulting company and has been providing information technology services to its clients since 1987.  Daniel Grasso – the company’s president/owner – has been providing consulting services to the business community since the birth of the PC.

Our client roster includes some of the largest global companies and government agencies, down to small businesses.   The applications we create involve customization of some of the most popular tools being used today, including SQL Server, MySQL, .NET, PHP, Office integration, Access, Java Script, AJAX and many others.

Often, our applications are written to integrate with some of the most popular online services such as eBay and Constant Contact.

Our focus has always been on database integration – in the LAN/WAN and/or web environments – as well as e-commerce.

In 20+ years, Alphatex has seen many languages, tools and environments come and go ... and we’ve seen some stick.   We have developed applications using:
  • SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access
  • HTML, Java Script, AJAX, XML
  • PHP
  • Cold Fusion
  • Visual Basic, C, C++, C#
  • Office integration including Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and Access automation
  • SMS

Some of the older tools/environments include:
  • ASP Classic
  • Lotus Notes
  • DOS batch files
  • Dbase, Clipper, FoxPro (X-Base)
  • Multiple mainframe and mini environments

In addition to programming services, Alphatex has configured networks, servers and workstations; run cable and provided routine PC maintenance to those clients that do not have their own in-house expertise.

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